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Head office - London, United Kingdom

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The development team in Mountain Warehouse is split into several small teams, each with their own business interests, tech stacks and specific approaches to prioritising work.

We are a collaborative team with a strong culture of code review, occasional usage of pair programming and lots of unit tests. We’re keen to write code following best practice and to continuously find ways that we can be even better. The work is a mixture of green-field and legacy work (much like any other mature organisation) mostly using C#, TypeScript, SQL Server & React – however, the microservices approach allows us to alter the technology as appropriate.

We are looking for an experienced developer to join the team responsible for our website checkout systems, which need to be highly available, reliable, accurate and customer-focused and which we have built from the ground up in the last two years. This team supports a crucial part of the customer experience on the website and one which we are looking to continuously improve and expand upon. Collaboration and communication are key features of the team with a strong emphasis on both individual ownership and shared responsibility across the application stack.

Working within a focused team consisting of a lead, delivery manager and dedicated QA (as well as your developer teammates) you will be exposed to a number of applications that are continuously deployed across a full stack of technologies. We are primarily a .net house, but we also encourage our developers to find the appropriate tool for the job with a fail-fast attitude. An eye for detail will go a long way in an environment where accuracy and consistency is vital to our customer experience.

Essential skills / experience.

  • C# in a commercial environment.
  • JavaScript / TypeScript in a commercial environment.
  • Ability to solve problems in code quickly and simply.
  • Solid understanding of how http and network communication works.
  • Excellent communication skills.

Desirable skills / experience

  • React in a commercial environment
  • MongoDB experience

This is a selection of what we’re using across the department

Let us know what you have experience of, we can train in the rest.

  • Microservices architecture.
  • Continuous Delivery with Jenkins.
  • Test Driven Development.
  • RabbitMQ / MassTransit.
  • Entity Framework.
  • MVC
  • RESTful API design.
  • Docker & Kubernetes in Azure
  • .net Core & .net Framework.
  • GitFlow
  • Dependency Injection with a selection of providers.
  • SQL Server stored procedures.